Wednesday, November 17, 2010


Jasper at 7 weeks old
I just realized that I've never blogged about our newest family member!
His name is Jasper and he is an adorable little pup with lots of love and energy.
He's an interesting mixed breed...basically he was a happy little accident with his mother being a 15 pound TOY Australian Shepherd and his father being a 55 pound yellow lab!
(I know, how did it happen right?!)
But it did happen and now we have this sweet little face waking us up every morning because he wants to cuddle with us!

Jasper now at 6 months old

I love his patch work paws!

See how Jasper USE to fit in his bed?
See how he WANTS to still fit in his bed?
(We bought him a new big bed but he didn't want to give his baby bed up!)
 The thing I find most entertaining about Jasper is how he likes to sleep.He is CONSTANTLY changing positions, moving this way and that.
LOL, he finally realized he couldn't fit!

Last attempt to fit

Love that fox like face!

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smalltowngirl said...

So cute! I want a dog, but Steve vetoed it.